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The training paths

LEAN UNIVERSITY® has put together for you in-company training paths which will make it possible for you to have all the knowledge necessary for the key functions of implementing a Lean policy.

Office Path

Your activity takes place in the tertiary sector, a service activity, then, we propose the Office Path: 6 days – 1880 euro instead of 3135 Euro

Learn about the Office Path

Management Path

You manage a team, a project, we have developed a structured approach with the management path: 7 days – 2180 euro instead of euro.

Learn about the Management Path

Equally, we propose more appropriate formulas to the concept of specialized jobs in the Lean Program:

Lean Workshop Leader Path

17 days – 5180 euro instead of 8635 euro

Option: Day of certification: 1500 euro.

Learn about the Lean Workshop Leader Path

Lean Coach Path

24 days – 7360 euro instead of 12265 Euro.

Option: Day of certification: 1500 Euro.

Learn about the Lean Coach Path

Lean Manager Path

13 days – 3990 Euro instead of 6655 Euro.

Option: Day of certification: 1500 Euro.

Option: Certification day: 1500 Euro

Lastly, find out about our paths with certifications:

Lean Yellow Belt Path

11 days – 4570 Euro instead of 6615 Euro

Learn about the Lean Yellow Belt Path

Lean Green Belt Path

27 days – 10,690 Euro instead of 15,815 Euro

Learn about the Lean Green Belt Path

Lean Black Belt Path

41 days – 17,850 Euro instead of 25,420 Euro.

Learn about the Black Belt Path

Comparative Table

Download our PDF comparative table.



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